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As the previous briefing received very good response, the 3rd Beauty Salon FC Philippines Business Investment Joint Briefing will take place. On the day, we will conduct a three-hour guide, mainly focusing on questions related to the business flow of the beauty treatment business, success and precautions in ASEAN, and business models in the Philippines. It will be on a first-come, first-served basis, so we hope you can book early.

About Belle Lumière

With 26 directly managed stores, mainly shopping malls in Japan, we have built up a firm fundamental and expanded into the ASEAN region. Starting with Hanoi store (Vietnam) in 2013 as the first ASEAN store, then opening Udom Suk Station Square store (Thailand) in 2014, the company currently opened 4 stores in Vietnam, 1 store in Thailand, totaling 5 stores in the ASEAN region – mainly located in shopping malls.

Looking ahead, we are working on increasing store number in Vietnam, entering into Philippine market, opening stores in the Philippines. We also continue expanding our domestic business with new stores to open and pave the way to list our company in Japan as Holdings. In addition, we will look into entering into other countries as soon as a good location is available, and we will make a breakthrough, not only in ASEAN, but also in the world as a global beauty salon brand from Japan.

Why Belle Lumière

All in-house products

Only the latest beauty equipment developed by know-hows and successful results of Belle Lumière is implemented. We are also working on new innovations to enhance existing equipment and create new models. Our high-spec machine for professionals are developed to deliver only the best results and careful completion without failure, with ease of use, reasonable price and latest technology in beauty salon industry. Our equipment line-up is designed for the best treatment of all beautification including slimming, beautiful face, hair removal, acne on the back and whitening of the whole body.

Beauty products

On January 21, 2018, Belle Soufleurir, basic cosmetics brand containing human stem cell culture at a high concentration was launched. Belle Soufleurir’s name is from “Belle Lumière” and “Soufleurir” – portmanteau combined with two French words: sourire (smile) and fleur (flower). Thus, Belle Soufleurir is not just a product but a flower that brings everyone’s smile. The origin of the brand name also portrays Belle Lumière’s ideal thoughts.

Developed as exceptional cosmetics for home care at affordable price in the range of 40,000 yen, Respera’s proprietary components “nanoMSC-R”, “nanoMSC-A”, and “nanoMSC-L”, which carefully selected and extracted high-quality growth factors from stem cell culture solutions, respond to various skin problems. These effective cosmetics lead to healthy skin and help stop trouble or aging skin problems. Furthermore, the Soufleurir A mask of the same series is currently under development.

Beauty Global Advisor

Belle Lumière makes the most of its knowledge and experience to provide beauty and joy as a beauty professional. At Belle Lumière, as a beauty specialist, we will pursue the creation of “joy” and visible beauty that will change the life of our customers with our extreme level of professional skills.

Full supports through extensive training is provided, so even those who have no experience in beauty salons can understand the know-how thoroughly and start a business with peace of mind. * For the business ownership, consulting on necessary matters from marketing to aesthetic salon management will be held exclusively in Japan.

The staff recruitment program includes 3-month training at the headquarters and the store
participating in training in Japan, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines according to the store opening time and area. During the training for newcomers, you will learn the fundamental of becoming an esthetician, learn about customer service manners, beauty theory, product and equipment knowledge, and treatment techniques. In addition, we provide “immediate upskilling through practice” through on-site assistant work and surgical training.

Amount of Sales

We achieved many successful sales, particularly many events dedicated to women such as International Women’s Day in March and Vietnam Women’s Day in October. Even in low consumption period such as Tết (Vietnamese New Year) and a few public holidays throughout the year, good sales for products and services targeting women are also expected – and success awaits.


The second thing to note is that the main labor cost of the service industry is overwhelmingly low, while the selling price of Japan is half to one-third, while the labor cost is one-fifth to one-ten in Japan as shown in the graph, it is easy to get profits even if you take into account of Japanese commercial facilities with slightly higher rental costs.

Ordinary Profit

As a result, it is easy to make a profit even in a month with low sales, and a big profit can be obtained as it is in a month with high sales. As a result of calculating the expenditure and ordinary profit in FY2018, the profit ratio is high at 64%, and it is easy to conduct further store development and business development in the future.


In Japan, we have beauty events every year.
The name is “BEAUTY AWARD”. This event is held for salon competition.
Every year this event is a very luxurious and well-known one because it’s a place for gathering our beautiful customers and we invite celebrities as guests.

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